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The Ursinus Conceptual Physics Podcast is a project started by Prof. Tom Carroll in 2008. The goal of the project is to provide a series of short (7-10 minute) podcasts that can supplement the lecture portion of the course. They are short enough that you could conceivably listen between classes. Each podcast will typically ask at least one question for you to think about. A brief musical interlude will follow such questions; this is your signal to pause for a moment and think about your answer.

The project is still experimental an open to feedback. Feel free to comment at this page or to send email directly to

Podcasts are currently being made only for General Physics I, though if there is interest, podcasts could be produced for other classes.



Podcasts by Subject

Classical Mechanics (Introductory level)

Electricity and Magnetism (Introductory level)


Kendall Mahn -- Neutrino Physics

Kendall Mahn is a neutrino physicist currently working at Canada’s national TRIUMPH laboratory in Vancouver. Having earned her doctorate at MIT, she has additionally performed research at such facilities as Fermilab as well as the Tokai-to-Kamiokande (T2K) experiment in Japan which strives to detect neutrino oscillation as these particles are beamed between labs on opposite ends of the country. This interview predominantly discusses Kendall’s work with T2K and the implications involved in the effort to prove or disprove neutrino oscillation.

Additional resources:

T2K homepage

TRIUMPH homepage

Kendall Mahn’s homepage



Student Involvement


Stephanie Bartusis '10 is developing and recording a short podcast on electric fields and a longer format podcast about Galileo

Carl Scholl '10 is developing and recording some short podcasts on momentum and collisions.

Copyright Information

The Conceptual Physics Podcast is licensed under the Creative Commons License. Basically you are free to use and modify these podcasts for non-commercial uses, as long as you provide attribution to the "Ursinus College Conceptual Physics Podcast." Also, if you do use this work, you may only re-distribute under the same or a similar license.

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